Benefits of Alkalizing Your Body – The Best SuperGreens Powders to Use

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We’ve been told for years about the importance of consuming enough green foods in our diet but in the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, it’s very hard to cram these foods in on a daily basis.

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Admittedly, we will all try – but try as we might, making sure that broccoli, kale, spinach and all other green goodness is regularly in our meals is much more difficult than it might sound.

This is where alkalizing super greens supplements have entered the picture. In simple terms, they are designed to make consumption of these green foods a whole lot easier.

We’ll now scrutinize the supplements in further detail – highlighting how they can benefit your body.


What’s the big deal about alkalizing super green supplements?

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As we’ve just pointed out, it’s difficult to consume all of our daily greens in one fell swoop. This is where these supplements come in, as they are all of the green goodness condensed into a powder or capsule.

It’s the like of kale, spinach, broccoli and other great green vegetables all put together – all ready to enter your body at the same time.

They just make life a lot easier, which is the big draw for most people.


How do alkalizing super green supplements benefit your body?

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While a lot of us know that we should eat more vegetables to boost our overall health, most of us don’t understand why.

It’s all related to our body’s PH levels. Most of the food that we like to eat is extremely acidic, with proteins, dairy and grain-based foods all falling into this category. This creates a huge acid imbalance in the body.

This imbalance can cause a number of issues. Firstly, health experts are under the impression that those people who have a higher acid-base in their body are more susceptible to disease.

From a day-to-day perspective, you will notice countless other symptoms including tiredness, cravings for all of the wrong foods and the inability to stay focused for long periods of time.

Ultimately, these issues affect our daily activities considerably and make things much harder to accomplish.

Therefore, the supplements aim to scupper this imbalance. As you are effectively consuming more green foods (in their condensed form), you are immediately curbing this imbalance and improving the PH levels in your body no-end.

In turn, you’ve just minimized the chances of everything bad that we’ve just spoken about happening – and you’re a much healthier person because of it.


Are there many of these supplements available?

It would be fair to say that this is one of the most untapped areas of the supplements industry and not that many are currently available.

Nevertheless, the niche has been shaken up through recent times, after A-list celebrity Elle Macpherson released such a product through her WelleCo brand.


#1 – Super Greens Powder

Super Greens powder

  • Another product that rivals Macpherson’s supplement competitively is Super Greens. The big difference comes with the price though; with Super Greens retailing at an absolutely bargain at $62.
  • Considering the difference in cost, the similarities between the products are quite astonishing. Super Greens contains seventeen different ingredients, with these being comprised of vegetables, antioxidants and fruits. Household names like tomatoes, spinach and broccoli are all in there – this is a product based on the real deal.
  • On the subject of the ingredients, vegans and vegetarians need not worry. Evolution Slimming have made sure that their supplement is suitable for everyone.
  • In fact, Super Greens uses such a friendly set of ingredients that children can even use it. Very few supplements in the world are able to provide such guidance.
  • They’ve also made sure that side effects are a thing of the past. Super Greens is made up entirely naturally – there won’t be any ill-effects to your body here.
  • One of the big problems about eating healthily is the time. Super Greens resolves this immediately; with the powder simply being mixed with 200ml of water every day to provide you with a sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • We’ve touched upon Evolution Slimming already, but they are worth another mention. This is a big player in the supplements industry; few brands can boast that they have an offline presence as well as being trusted by doctors around the world.

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#2 – The Super Elixir

the super elixir

The Super Elixir supplement has caused something of a media frenzy and we’ll now take a look at it in full detail, as well as having a breakdown on another product that tackles alkalizing super greens.

  • This first product is the one that everyone is talking about. First and foremost, it’s been put together by Elle Macpherson, who has taken everything she has learned about boosting her general health and released it to you and me.
  • The Super Elixir is a supplement that contains all of the green, alkalizing goodness that your body needs. The concoction is comprised of 45 different ingredients, all of which have been scientifically backed to improve your general health.
  • Let’s point out exactly what benefits The Super Elixir brings. It will boost your energy levels, allow you to stay focused for longer whilst generally allowing you to look and feel younger.
  • Don’t worry if you are a vegan or vegetarian either. The Super Elixir has been put together with a unique formula of ingredients that means it is suitable for almost everyone.
  • We should also point out that the product contains no fillers whatsoever. This is particularly crucial, particularly when you view the fact that it boasts a great taste due to the natural ingredients that sweeten it.
  • It’s not going to take an absolute age to work either. The manufacturers suggest that you will just take this product for seven days before starting to reap the rewards.
  • The biggest drawback comes with the price though. At around $150, it’s hardly a product that is designed for the masses and this might put some people off.
  • Nevertheless, it has been put together by some huge names. Elle Macpherson’s WelleCo company are hugely renowned in the supplements industry and invest considerable time and resources into each and every product they bring to the market. They can be trusted.

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#3 – Green SuperFood

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The Super Elixir has an immense reputation amongst supplements enthusiasts and it’s for good reason – the product has scientific backing and is endorsed by one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

Unfortunately, it also happens to cost a small fortune. This is where Green SuperFood steps in, as we take a look at this product in full detail:

  • Green SuperFood is everything that the Super Elixir is; the only difference is that it costs as little as $21.99 for fifteen servings.
  • That’s not the only financial benefit either, with bulk-buy savings on offer for those who want to pledge their faith in Green SuperFood for long periods of time.
  • Just like the Super Elixir, this is a product which is gluten free and is also suitable for vegetarians. In other words, it can work for everyone.
  • The product is based on plenty of scientific research as well. For example, it contains twelve cleansing ingredients, all of which have been proven to restore your PH balance and improve your overall health.
  • When we talk about these ingredients, we’re referring to the stuff that we all know works wonders for our body. There are no complicated components here; think spinach, barley grass and broccoli – day-to-day ingredients that are just great for your body.
  • Consuming Green SuperFood isn’t a chore either. You simply mix a small amount each day with water, and consume to get your full dose of green vegetables.
  • A lot of attention is rightfully placed on the company behind the Super Elixir, but the brand that have brought Green SuperFood to market should also be given plenty of credit. Amazing Grass have been around since 2002 and during this time they have amassed countless plaudits, for the simple reason that their supplements work a treat.

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