Gemma Merna Wedding – What’s Her Secret ?

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Gemma Merna was seen out yesterday, clad in her tone body and skimpy outfits indulging in the finer things as she is set to get married in the next few days. Gemma is marrying long time fiancé Ian Minton, a businessman.


Ian and Merna

Happy couple: Gemma Merna and Ian Minton


Merna spent the day before her wedding with her friends from his soap opera getting pampered and ready for the big deal. Her bridesmaids Jennifer Metcalfe, Jorgie Porter and Nicole Barber Lane, are her onscreen colleagues, who also enjoyed the day of pampering.


gemma - nails

Pampering session : Gemma Merna and her bridesmaids turn up at Urban Calm in Aintree Liverpool.


Champagne was passed around, though Merna stuck to water as they all received manicures and pedicures. Merna and her bridesmaid were uncharacteristically pale and clean faced as they arrived for their day of pampering. Evidently wanting a fresh palate for all the pampering that they would be getting done that day.

Merna showed up for her day of pampering in a simple jersey dress that made her look even slimmer than what she was months ago. Merna was determined to lose weight before her big day, and that is why the wedding was such a long event in planning.

She wanted to ensure that she would look her best. So in effort to lose weight, Merna hit the gym and started to eat healthy. However, the real power behind her weight loss was a diet pill , which is a diet pill that many celebrities are using these days in order to encourage the weight to drop off.


weight loss

Gemma Merna : simple in a chic jersey dress


Merna has said that she valued the idea of getting slimmer before her wedding, and as most people know losing weight before your wedding is something that is hard due to the stress. However, Merna has made this look rather easy as she sports a slim frame that any woman would be envious of.


Gemma Merna's wedding

General views outside “Hollyoaks” actress Gemma Merna’s wedding in London, England on May 27, 2012. White sheets were hung outside the venue to stop paparazzi from catching a glimpse of the bride.
(May 27, 2012 – Source: FameFlynet Pictures)


Since she started to lose weight, Merna has given some tips to those that would like to do the same. She stated that you must start early in order to lose weight instead of waiting until the last minute as you want the weight to stay off for good. Therefore, fad diets is not something that Merna is a supporter of.



Merna also stated that starving yourself is not an option. She had four to five smaller meals throughout the day and did end eat breakfast. She also exercise each day and paid attention to the portions of food that she was eating, focusing on eating lean meats and vegetables. Merna lost the weight in a way that is going to stay off and is extremely healthy, and the diet pill used bu Gemma is a big part of this effective diet outline.

So just how did this pill help Merna with her weight loss? The key characteristics is that it helps the person to shed an extra three hundred or more calories per day while also increasing the metabolism of the person that takes this. Merna is key proof that this does work as she looks amazing for her wedding date and is at the weight that she had the goal of reaching.

She has said that her wedding dressed has had to be taken in a few times as she lost weight with the diet plan that she was on, yet she is certain that it will fit on the wedding day, and most people agree that she is going to simply stunning. She has lost quite a bit of weight off of her original size ten or twelve frame and is feeling much more confident in how she looks and feels even better.

It’s an all-natural diet pill. Meaning that you are not going to have any of the side-effects that are common with other diet pills that are out there. This is one of the most appealing factors about the diet pill as no one wants to have unwanted side-effects from losing weight.

Some of the natural ingredients include Liquirice, and green tea. Glucomannan is also a key ingredients, which is one of the most soluble fiber sources that is found in nature. Combining all the ingredients people have been able to lose inches off their waist and shed fat that has been building up for years. Merna is proof that this diet does work and is one person that encourages all those to try it out.


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