High Speed and Big Air: What to Look for in A Board

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No matter what your skill level on the water or pavement the right board can make all the difference. A properly built, reliable skateboard can have the most novice rider tearing down streets and turning with precision, kick-flipping over obstacles with ease. Similarly the right wakeboard will have even beginners gliding with ease and stability over waves, catching big air and turning tricks at the same time.

To find the boards from the most revered manufacturers that bring all the design elements needed to perform your best you need to visit a reliable dealer that has a wide selection of quality brands.




Skateboards are fairly easy to shop for and evaluate because from one to another not much changes in their design or functionality. A good skateboard is all about the deck and its shape and construction. All decks will about the same length and feature a flat surface overall with an upward curve at the tip and tail. The size and extremity of this curve can vary between brands and skill levels.

More advanced riders should look for bigger curvature because it provides more pop, or jumping ability with a push or kick from the foot. Less skilled riders will not need this extra pop as it sacrifices stability and control at higher speeds. A good skateboard should also be made of quality material, usually some type of hardwood like maple. The best manufacturers choose to use multiple layers of hardwood to create a virtually unbreakable board that can handle big jumps, grinds and landings with ease.


Wakeboards work on the same principle as skateboards: less is more. The best wakeboards are relatively simple and use a little change in shape to do a lot on the water.

All wakeboards will be almost totally flat with a slight curve around the edges. This keeps the board gliding over the water and waves of any size without digging in and sinking. What separates more beginner boards from the advanced versions is the fin setup. All wakeboards have fins underneath. These stay in the water and provide stability and control with little effort from the rider. But they also inhibit the ability to get bigger air and perform tricks.

Therefore more advanced boards will feature removable fins for riders who wish to sacrifice ease of control for trick capability. These are the best designs when it comes to wakeboards and worth a look no matter what your skill level.

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