Teeth Whitening and Sore Gums

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Buying an over the counter teeth whitening kit and whitening your teeth at home is one way on saving a few dollars and getting whiter teeth. However, due to the poor fit of most at home dental trays used for whitening your teeth you may get a lot more than you bargain for from those teeth whitening kits. Sore and burned gums.



That’s right when your dentist whitens your teeth he places a film like substance on your gums that helps protects them from the chemicals contained in the tooth whitener. Home whiten kits don’t have this protecting film and so when that teeth whitening gel oozes around your teeth it is bound to reach your gums as well.

While some people have no problems using home whitening kits others end up with swollen, red, blistered and even white gums in some of the worst cases. While in almost every case the gums heal within a few days if you discontinue the whitening treatments immediately during the time the gums are healing eating or drinking can be painful especially when eating hot food.

If you try a home whitening kit and do have problems with sore or red gums you should discontinue wordpress using the kit immediately and once your gums heal get your teeth whitened by your dentist as he will be able to protect your gums while whitening your teeth. While a dental whitening may be more expensive the expense may be well worth it since you will end with whiter teeth and no painful gums.

Your dentist can also give you tips on how to keep your teeth whiter longer which may save you more money in the long run than purchasing those teeth whitening kits at the local pharmacy every few weeks or months. In addition, whitening treatments from the dentist usually gives you visibly whiter teeth in less time.

While home whitening kits may be a viable option for many people those with sensitive gums who find themselves with sore and painful gums after just one or two home whitening treatments need to seek a less painful way to get that brighter smile and the dentist is the obvious choice for those people.

With so many options available for whiter teeth no one needs to suffer from those yellow discolored teeth or sore gums. Finding the option that works for you will help you to have that dazzling smile you want and deserve with pain or worry.


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