The Best Foods for the Best Health

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The phrase “you are what you eat” contains a lot of truth. The foods that you consume have a huge impact on both your looks and your overall health.

Fatty, greasy foods tend to lead to overweight, oily people and healthy foods directly correlate to healthy people. So, if your aim is to look good, here are some foods that will bring out your inner beauty – not your inner cheeseburger.


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You can pronounce the name however you want; their positive impact on your health will remain the same. Tomatoes carry quite the power punch of good, healthy nutrients – particularly the antioxidant known as lycopene. Better yet, they are easily found, from grocery stores to private gardens.


Green Tea

It’s hard to pinpoint the best benefit of green tea, but only because there are so many benefits to choose from. The tea, which is milder in flavor than black tea and rich in an antioxidant called polyphenols, is kind of a super food – helping drinkers with everything from pure, clean skin to fighting disease.



Here’s a little known fact: broccoli performs the same functions as your jar of Advil, easing the pain of join muscles, clearing up your vision, reducing your risk of a heart attack and more. And it tastes good.



Salmon is chocked full of good-for-you components, such as omega 3s and vitamin B12. As a bonus, wordpress salmon tastes good in a variety of ways: served up raw with sushi, poached on a bagel, grilled with a side salad, etc.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You use olive oil for almost everything: as an ingredient in your salad dressing, to fry your potatoes in the morning, etc. Make it extra virgin in order to reap the full health benefits, which include reduced risk of cancer and heart disease.


Dark Greens

Dark greens, such as kale and spinach, are serious health-boosters, due to the massive dose of vitamins and packed into their big leafs. As a bonus, they take only a minute or two to prepare.



Walnuts are loaded with the health fats that improve your heart’s functioning, keep your cholesterol on track and help your mind think clearly. Plus, they are fun to smash open with a hammer.



Blueberries are a dieter’s dream: they have almost zero calories and a ton of fiber and vitamins. In many studies, blueberries are determined to be the best berry available.


Dark Chocolate

That dark, delicious, delectable bite of dark chocolate is actually good for you! Dark chocolate is beneficial for your skin and loaded with antioxidants. And really, if there’s an excuse to eat more of it, is anyone going to argue?



Although you can’t eat too much avocado, you should always eat some. Avocados are good for your blood, your skin, your cholesterol levels, your eyesight and your mood. Also, they taste good with a side of chips.


Nadine Hancock is a health and fitness instructor, the co-founder of