Are You Drinking Healthy Water?

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We believe that the water at home, or what we buy, is healthy water to drink. Is it? Is our
drinking water healthy? You may be surprised, I sure was.

First of all let’s begin by defining that water is an essential element for all living things.
Not drinking enough water can be very bad for your health.

But is what we are drinking really good for us? Are we drinking healthy water? Lets


healthy water


Public water systems are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and
they establish the rules and guidelines, which limit the amounts of certain contaminants
in our public water. This would be our tap water, unless you have a private well.

There are a lot of contaminants like; Arsenic, Copper, Fluoride, Lead, Nitrate, Sodium,
and Sulfate. Then there are microbiological, radioactive, and disinfection by-product

The EPA establishes guidelines for levels that they feel are safe for us to consume.

Bottled water is considered a food, and therefore is regulated by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA).

The FDA sets the rules and guidelines for bottled water contaminants. This must provide
the same protection for public health as public water guidelines.

The list of contaminants is very much the same as the list for public drinking water.

Our drinking water comes from many places, lakes, ponds, rivers, reservoirs, springs,
streams, and wells.

Contaminants also come from many sources including pesticides, herbicides, farms,
mining, oil and gas production, storm water run off, waste water discharges, septic
systems, and wildlife to name a few.

WOW! Did you know that we are drinking all that junk, and, we even are buying it! I
personally would have thought that bottled water was better for you. But that’s not
necessarily so I guess.

Many of these contaminants can have serious health consequences, like fluoride; it is not
safe in high amounts for young children to be drinking.

It’s best to talk to your dentist about fluoride, and to find out what levels are allowed in
the drinking water in your area.

You can get a water report from your local water treatment facility. Where I live, the
water treatment facility mails an annual report to all their consumers.

Now per guidelines our water is safe healthy water to drink. But everyone’s idea of
healthy is different.

So it’s an opinion; do you think our drinking water is healthy water? What can we do to
have healthy water?

Well to have the best health, we know, we need to eliminate the chemicals or
contaminants we put into our bodies, on our bodies, and inhale.

There are numerous water purifiers and filtering products available on the market, and
I have read that the ones that use reverse osmosis, and or charcoal filtering are the best
products to use.

Every home should have healthy filtered water to drink and cook with, but also to clean
and shower with.

Hopefully this article has given you a deeper understanding into healthy water.



Nadine Hancock is a health and fitness instructor, the co-founder of