Banned Weight Loss Foods

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If food tastes good, that’s not good for you! Here is a principle very true when you’re on a diet. The food we buy at the store are filled with additives, sugar, salt and other substances which might prove harmful to our body. Here are the bad products that damage the figure!


Banned Weight Loss Foods



Donuts are fried in vegetable oil rich in trans fats. With a high sugar content, one donut can have 300 calories! Many people begin their day with a breakfast of donuts, which dramatically affects their blood glucose levels. In addition to being unhealthy, donuts are not filling, and hunger will will not settle quickly.


Processed sugar

If you add sugar in coffee or tea in the morning it’s not nearly as harmful as sugar found in many processed foods and juices as corn syrup, saccharin and dextrose. Read labels to find low quality sugar hidden in products where you do not think ever. These foods are suspected of links to cancer, obesity, diabetes. Be selective when you go shopping!



As normal or drink diet soda, this will not make a healthy choice! A 350 ml can of soda has about 150 calories and 55 mg caffeine. Sodas have additives that are bad: artificial colorings and sweeteners. Replace natural juices with lemonade.


French fries

Not just potatoes, but in general all fried foods contain high amounts of trans fats, but also by free radicals that attack your organs and not nutritional value. French fries contain large amounts of acrylamide, a carcinogen! In addition, do not forget how calorie is!



In addition to being extremely rich in calorie and trans fat, most additives chips contain carcinogens.



If you’re a fan of them, you’d better get away, because trans fatty seafood, carcinogen acrylamide, mercury and may be contaminated with parasites hard to kill even at high temperatures.


Foods not to avoid

Green Beans – true blessing for those who want to lose weight. Green beans have more. Like most vegetables, beans are rich in vegetable protein, making it absolutely necessary in a vegetarian diet.

It is not advisable to eat raw beans. It is better to cook by steaming or boil them.

Salad for breakfast

This salad can be served both as a garnish or as a separate dish. Boil the beans, place them on a plate, sprinkle with pepper, salt and decorate with slices of onion. Then they add a little vinegar and olive oil.


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