Can Green Coffee Extract Help You Lose Weight?

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Considering how much some people rely on coffee, the fact that it could aid with weight loss is simply incredible. However, that is the tagline associated with green coffee bean extract, with experts claiming that it is the latest phenomenon to assist with this issue.

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As with the case in any matter like this, it is worth turning directly to the science behind the extract to see whether or not it can help you lose weight. The key ingredient that can be found in green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid, with large amounts of this substance being found in the capsule.

The benefit of this is that the acid helps the liver substantially and allows the organ to break down fatty acids much more quickly. Needless to say, if these acids are processed at such a fast rate the end user will benefit from a faster metabolism and, as everyone knows, a fast metabolism is one of the key principles to weight loss.

Unsurprisividngly, there are some doubts behind green bean extracts as few people believe that such a treatment can result in rapid weight loss. Most of the worries surround the product’s safety, with a lot of people concerned that such weight loss surely is not within the body’s safety boundaries.

Fortunately, these people couldn’t be more wrong. When people lose weight through consuming the green coffee bean extract they are actually doing it in a much safer manner than most others in the country.

As well as the chlorogenic acid, there are a host of other ingredients that provide a benefit with the extract and also contain plenty of anti-oxidants. This is obviously excellent form a health point of view and seeing as all of the ingredients are natural, the body is benefited yet again.

As well as the theory, green coffee extract is backed up by statistics. As you may expect, various studies have already been conducted on its weight loss principles and to say the results are impressive is an understatement. For example, one study lasted twelve weeks and involved adult participants.

Every single member in the group lost at least 10% of their body weight, but more impressively, on average 16% of their body fat. This equated to around 15 pounds and the fact that no strenuous exercise was conducted during this period is incredible to say the least.

Following on from the above, a lot of people may be thinking that you can experience similar weight loss by simply drinking coffee. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as magical as that as when you do consume coffee, you are not taking in the full advantage of the beans.

Standard coffee beans are roasted and as you may expect, once they go through the roasting phase all of those essential weight-loss ingredients are destroyed. Admittedly, the green coffee bean extracts can’t be added to a cup of coffee, yet for the sake of taking just two capsules very few people are going to mind that small matter.

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