Easy Cures from Household Items

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You don’t need medicine and a doctor’s advice to cure all your ailments. Many health problems can be remedied with common household items. Read on to learn more about some of the best health tips.


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1. Water:

Don’t be fooled by tonics and snake-oil; this clear liquid necessity may be the closest thing to a cure-all in existence. Without water, your body shuts down; you may experience muscle aches, a fast pulse, kidney trouble – and of course, the worse condition of all, death!

Drink plenty of water (about eight to ten glasses every day, or a little more if you’re sick) to make sure you stay in good health.


2. Club Soda:

Use this sparkling beverage to keep control of your interior and your exterior; a glass of club soda can help clear up nausea, while a dab on a cloth can erase stains on your clothing and carpets if you act fast.


3. Chocolate Milk:

This beverage may remind you of naptime and recess, but it can also be part of your grown-up, strict fitness regime. After pumping weights and burning calories, set aside your inhibitions and guzzle down some chocolate milk to help your muscles recover fast (and grow a little bigger).


4. Honey:

One of the oldest cures known, honey has many healing properties and can be used to treat a variety of afflictions ranging from a simple upset stomach to a sore throat to stomach ulcers. It also improves skin tone when used as part of a regular beauty regimen.


5. Apple Cider Vinegar:

What doesn’t apple cider vinegar cure? Take a spoonful of it to improve aching muscles, boost energy levels and lose weight fast and effectively. It also makes a handy cooking ingredient to have on hand.


6. Lemon Water:

When life gives you lemons, forget the lemonade! Instead, drink lemon water to keep your body’s pH levels under control, without adding unwanted, superficial calories. You can also use lemon water to lighten dark spots on your skin (from scars or aging).


7. Cinnamon:

Remember what they say about spoonfuls of sugar and medicine? Well, a spoonful of cinnamon can avoid medicine altogether; regularly consuming it can reduce bad cholesterol, and ease the symptoms of serious conditions such as diabetes and some forms of cancer.


8. Ginger:

When you do not like pills, ginger is a great way to ease away many symptoms of an upset stomach, heartburn – even ovarian cancer.


9. Garlic:

Unless you’re a vampire, garlic is ultra healthy! This small clove, once used to battle the Black Death, can ward off the annual flu bug, clear up your skin and help you maintain your cholesterol levels.


10. Hydrogen Peroxide:

Though it must be used with caution and care, a little hydrogen peroxide can go a long way towards improving your oral health, reducing your allergy symptoms, and helping to heal minor scrapes and cuts.


Nadine Hancock is a health and fitness instructor, the co-founder of