Getting Pregnant Fast

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Once you decide you are ready to have a child, you may want that child to come as soon as possible. For some women, this is easy; other women struggle for various reasons. If you fall into the latter camp, here are some tips on how to get pregnant fast.


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Start Having Sex. This may seem like a silly suggestion, but many people live busy lives and tend to put their romantic feelings on the backburner. But scheduling difficulties don’t change the fact that best way to conceive in a hurry is to have sex a lot. Think of it as increasing your odds. Also, research shows that men who have sex a lot have a higher sperm count than those who are not.


Visit your doctor. There are a variety of health problems and conditions which can reduce the likelihood of conception. The only way to tell if you have such an affliction – and receive the necessary treatment for it – is to visit your doctor. And, think of your health overall. Eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking and maintain a normal weight.


how to get pregnant fast


Track Your Cycle. It may come as a surprise to some women that not all females are on a 28 day cycle, so counting down the fourteen days until ovulation is not always the best way to track your cycle. Instead, keep track of what your body does.

If you need help with the math, there are often online sources which can calculate which days you are most fertile. If it helps, you can invest in an ovulatory predictor, which tests your hormonal levels to determine whether or not you’re ready to conceive.


Trying to have a baby can be stressful, but there are always ways to increase your odds. Try these steps (and others) to create your child as soon as possible.


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