Healthy Kitchen for your Healthy Home

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Our kitchens are usually the family gathering area, and it should be a healthy kitchen. For
the cook, it is their castle and they should be proud of it.
Our kitchen’s are where we prepare food, wash little hands, feed pets, and serve guests.


healthy kitchen


Our kitchens should be free of germs, bacteria, pesticides, and anything harmful.

Our kitchen should be a healthy kitchen, a safe and clean place to be.

Most of the cleaning products we bring home are made with harmful ingredients,
chemicals that are harmful to our skin and to inhale.

Many products say that we should wear gloves when using them. Most of us don’t, but
don’t realize our skin is absorbing all those harmful chemicals right into our bodies. Most
of the cleaners say to have good ventilation when using their products. We breathe the
chemicals into our lungs, which oxygenate our blood with what, toxins and chemicals.

We eat off of dishes and cook with pans that have residues of the chemicals in our soaps.
Residue is tracked in from pesticides and chemicals used outside, and the inorganic foods
we buy.

Most kitchens are not a very healthy place at all because of all the chemical cleaners
we use. We should all be using safe natural cleaners and soaps for our kitchens and our


If we buy any inorganic fruits and vegetables they should be washed off with a vegetable
wash. A vegetable wash will at least remove the harmful chemicals from the outside; this
of course does not change what’s on the inside? We should be buying organic foods and
products and have filtered drinking water in our kitchens.

With some simple changes we could really have a safe and healthy kitchen to feel great
about, and we will be one step closer to a healthy home.


Nadine Hancock is a health and fitness instructor, the co-founder of