Healthy Skin to Look and Feel Great

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Healthy skin is so important. Skin is considered one of the most important organs our
body has. Skin is the largest organ our body has, and is made up of multiple layers. Skin
also plays a major role in trying to keep us healthy.


healthy skin


It’s hard to believe, that our skin could possibly play such an important role in our health,
but it does. Skin plays a vital role in our health.

1. Skin Protects: Skin protects all our inner organs, and protects us from germs and
bacteria’s (Pathogens).
2. Skin Senses: Our skin gives us sensation like; hot and cold.
3. Skin Regulates: Skin regulates our temperature, excretions, and controls evaporation.
4. Skin is Aesthetic: It makes us look the way we do.
5. Skin Absorbs: Skin absorbs things into the body.

The last one, absorption is a very important role to understand. Many medications
like; ointments (steroidal creams), pastes (nitroglycerin), patches (nitro, nicotine) are
prescribed because of how well our skin absorbs. These medications then travel through
the blood stream, and act in particular ways.

So what about all the other things we put on our skin on daily basis? Stuff like water,
soap, shampoo (I have a story about shampoo to tell you later), deodorant, lotions,
cosmetics, household cleaners, bug repellant, the list could go on, and on.

All the things we put on our skin everyday, is absorbed by our skin!

Are they safe, are you using organic natural soaps and skin care products? I believe most
of us never thought it was important. It is important! Having healthy skin is so important.

The products you use on your skin are being absorbed and dispensed throughout your
body. All those chemicals, dyes, and things none of us can pronounce. We put them on
our children and our babies, and most of us have never really thought about it.

Well now you do know how important it is for your health. Do your research on the
ingredients, of products you use. Then start using safer products for you, and your family.

Having good health and a healthy home, has to do with everything in our lives. We have
been brought up during the wondrous industrial age that has brought us many new health
concerns. We need to understand this, and choose better products for better skin and
overall health.


Nadine Hancock is a health and fitness instructor, the co-founder of