How to Lower Cholesterol Levels With The Natural Lowerol Supplement

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Cholesterol seems to be a word on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the moment; we all think we should have low levels of it, but nobody is exactly sure of the reasons why.

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To make the matter even more complicated, we’re now going to tell you that it can actually be perfectly fine to have high levels of cholesterol – as long as it’s the correct type. This is a fatty substance that is broken down into two types:

  • Low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol): This is the type we need to avoid as it’s something that can cause real damage to our body. If you have high amounts of LDL it can start to build up around your artery walls and ultimately, cause disease in the area.
  • High-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol): This type of cholesterol carries cholesterol away from the cells and eventually out of the body as a waste product. As such, it prevents the dreaded build up and higher levels of it are much better for you.

Unsurprisingly, we’re going to concentrate on the first type of cholesterol we looked at through the course of this guide – the bad stuff. You need to keep the levels of this down to an absolute minimum, and we’ll now find out why.


Why Should You Lower Your Cholesterol Levels?

One of the reasons why everyone knows about cholesterol is because of the amount of studies that have been conducted on the subject.

It’s been found that this substance can significantly increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes, simply because it restricts the blood that would normally flow freely around your arteries.

In other words, it clogs them up and in some cases it hasn’t been unheard of for blood clots to occur.

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What Causes High Cholesterol Levels?

Some people are more susceptible to the risks of high cholesterol than others although most of the time, this is due to their own lifestyle choices.

An unhealthy diet is the primary cause and if you are regularly consuming foods that contain large amounts of cholesterol (which is usually dictated by the amount of saturated fat which is included), it’s a sure-fire reason to believe that you are immediately putting yourself at risk.

If you happen to have diabetes, high blood pressure or even smoke cigarettes, the chances of complications occurring soar through the roof if your cholesterol levels are high.

Even if you have a family history of heart disease, it’s time to quickly reduce those levels as the risk of you attracting some of the health conditions which have been discussed increases tenfold.



How Can You Lower Your Cholesterol Levels?

Fortunately, it’s remarkably easy (on paper, at least) to lower your cholesterol levels. There isn’t some sort of complicated scientific formula to abide by; it’s all about making the correct lifestyle choices.

As you will have probably gathered, your diet is at the top of this list. Start consuming foods with less saturated fat and you will immediately reap the benefits.

Fruits and vegetables are obvious choices, while most cereals are also low in this type of fat which can help as well. There are other ways in which you can improve the chances as well. If you are a smoker, it goes without saying that you should stop. Elsewhere, start to perform more exercise and again reap the rewards.

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However, over recent times there have been some alternative ways to lower the levels of this dreaded fatty substance. More and more people are starting to be prescribed statins, which is a medication designed to gradually lower your cholesterol levels without any wholesale changes to your lifestyle.

In some ways, these are a godsend, but in others they can prompt nasty side effects such as nosebleeds, headaches, sickness and even an increased risk of diabetes.

It’s for the reasons above that most people ignore them. It’s also for the above reasons why manufacturers have started developing natural statins; supplements which will lower your cholesterol levels, without any side effects whatsoever.

The market leader in this field is Lowerol, which we will take a brief look at though the remainder of this guide.


What is Lowerol?

Lowerol has hit the market with something of a storm, with this product being able to naturally reduce your cholesterol levels without any of the terrible side effects that doctor-prescribed statins can prompt. Here is a brief breakdown of the product: Lowerol-bottle

  • Lowerol mimics the effects of “real” statins, by lowering your cholesterol levels. The only difference is that it won’t come at any cost to your health whatsoever, with the nasty side effects such as nosebleeds, headaches and future health problems being completely eradicated due to its natural make-up.
  • This means that you can immediately lower your risk of heart attacks, strokes and all of the other conditions that high cholesterol levels prompt.
  • The product isn’t based on “ifs” and “maybes”, it uses ingredients that are clinically proven to lower cholesterol levels – with red yeast rice being the primary component.
  • Tests have suggested that it can just take a 30-day course of Lowerol to stabilize your cholesterol levels and make them healthy again. In other words, you’ll eradicate all of the big health risks in just one month.
  • This is a product which anyone can take, even vegetarians. It uses 100% animal free ingredients, meaning that you can consume the capsules without any risk to your beliefs.
  • This isn’t some sort of risky product, made by a new-on-the-block manufacturer. The company behind Lowerol, Napiers, have been on the market for over 150 years. They were established in 1860 and have survived the test of time for one reason and one reason only; they make products that work.


How Does Lowerol Work?

Lowerol relies solely on its natural concoction of ingredients, with the following components allowing it to work so effectively:

Red Yeast Rice:

This is the “magic” ingredient of Lowerol, with red yeast rice containing monacolin K. This has been classed as a natural substance that mimics the effects of most synthetic statins.

Studies have shown that the policosanol extracted from the sugar cane contained in this ingredient lowers bad cholesterol levels, whilst increasing good levels of the substance at the same time.

Grape Seed Extract:

As one of the side effects of bad cholesterol is the decreased blood flow, the manufacturers of Lowerol have decided to include grape seed extract.

This has been found to strengthen arteries and ultimately improve the circulatory system, to prevent that dreaded build-up.

Coenzyme Q10:

It’s a well-known fact that your levels of CoQ10 fall when you have low cholesterol levels, so in order to balance things out the manufacturers have included this to ensure that your levels of it remain stable.

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Will Lowerol Work For You?

While everyone’s body reacts in different ways to supplements, the evidence so far suggests that Lowerol could be one of the best courses of action if you do need to lower your cholesterol levels.

The fact that the manufacturers are one of the most reputable companies around mainly tells us this, with their 150+ years of experience suggesting that they know exactly what they’re talking about when it comes to developing new supplements.

However, Lowerol has also been received remarkably well by the market. Some customers have said that they feel up to a decade younger, while others have visited the doctor since taking the supplement only to be told that they no-longer require synthetic statins because of the effects.

In other words, it’s been proven to work for the vast majority of others who have suffered from high levels of cholesterol.

Lowerol Cholesterol Test:

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How Much Does Lowerol Cost?

At the moment it’s only possible to purchase Lowerol online, with the manufacturers releasing the product in numerous packages. The first is a one month supply, comprised of 90 capsules, which will cost $60.16 / £39.95.

Then, further discounts and bonuses can be obtained if you buy in bulk. For example, you can save $15.06 / £10 by purchasing a two month supply or $50 / £30 by investing for three months. lowerol price

You can buy lowerol from the official websiteclick to visit the official lowerol website.


A Summary on Lowering Your Cholesterol Levels

As you can see, high cholesterol levels are something that shouldn’t be taken lightly – they can in fact be a life or death matter.

Heart conditions and strokes are all too common amongst those people who have levels of the substance which are too high and in general, the advice is to tailor your lifestyle so you don’t become embroiled in this dreaded group. Of course, science has now made it much easier to lower these levels, hence our emphasis on the Lowerol product through this guide.

The fact that you can curb your cholesterol levels without any of the risks that were traditionally associated with doctor-prescribed drugs is significant, and can make your life much more tolerable and ultimately, make you less likely to sustain some of the nasty conditions that we have discussed through the breadth of this article.

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