Norethindrone Acetate and Period Delays

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You can’t stop biology, but you can delay it. This could be the slogan for some women who use norethisterone as a treatment to delay the typical monthly menstrual period. Why would anyone want a period delay? Ask any woman, who has likely suffered through countless days of pain, discomfort, bloating, exhaustion and more, and they will tell you the side effects of menstruating are more than enough to recommend the delay.


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But there are more serious reasons. Some women suffer debilitating pain (much more than the average amount), miss work and cannot eat when they are having cramps (this is called dysmenorrheal). Others have extremely heavy periods and risk losing too much blood (this is called menorrhagia). Others still may simply have a big day they want to be period-free for, such as a special island vacation or a wedding.


Norethisterone works to delay a period by preventing ovulation. The body simply does not go through the regular process and so it does not shed its lining (which basically is what a menstrual period is). The drug is usually delivered orally, via a pill, and is absorbed in the stomach.


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It is sometimes an ingredient in certain contraceptive pills, because it is an effective treatment in disrupting a period. The drug is mostly safe, with a long but usual list of potential side effects, which include headaches, rashes, weight loss, spotting and back aches. It shouldn’t be taken by women who are pregnant.


As with all drugs, Norethindrone Acetate should be reviewed before being consumed (so you always know what’s going into your body); nevertheless, it is now widely established as a go-to drug for period reductions. The easiest way to acquire the drug is to speak with a local physician, but it may also be purchased on the internet.


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