People Who Should Avoid Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening is something that everyone is looking into doing. However, there are some who should not be considering this. It is not healthy for them to do just this and they need to know as to who they are.

avoid teeth whitening


The first group of people who really should not do this are children and pregnant women. The reason for this being that the teeth of children cannot handle this. The nerves of the teeth are enlarged and if they do this when they are under the age of sixteen, then they will find that the nerve could be somewhat irritated. Women who are breastfeeding need to stay away from this as well as this could make the baby have problems when they do start getting teeth and make teething even more unbearable than it already is for an infant.

Those who have sensitive teeth already as well as those who suffer from allergies are a few people as well who really need to stay away from this. If they are going to try this, then they need to talk to their dentist before they do. Those with receding gum lines are advised not to do this as well. The reason for those that have gum disease, worn enamel, or cavities is because when they do this, they could actually cause more harm to the teeth than seeing it do any good. That is something that these people cannot afford to have happen.

Those who have any teeth restorations need to be advised that they should not do teeth whitening either. These would include fillings, crowns, and many other things as well that are done to the teeth. This can actually harm these restorations and the price they will have to pay to have them redone is not worth it. The reason that they are going to need to be redone is due to the material that is used to create them which cannot withstand to the chemicals that these products have in them.

There are some who might have to say no to this as the expectations they have for the outcome are nothing of what will come. Those who have too dark of stains will find that the teeth whitening will not work at all. Therefore, they will find that they might not even try to attempt this because they will not get the results they will be hoping to get. If they are not sure if they will see any differences, they might need to talk to their dentist about this.


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