The Right Approach to Obesity

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Obesity is an inexorable epidemic affecting thousands of people every year. In the US alone, thousands of people have lost the battle against obesity each year. You shouldn’t be the next statistic. Be warned that even though some content in this article may affect or offend some individuals, it is the reality and has to be said.


A lot of people suffer from overweight which may result from a slow metabolism, chunky build or other physical causes, but it is a reality of life for most people. If these people aren’t careful, they may end up struggling with it their whole lives. Obesity however is somewhat different. A very minute percentage of obese individuals have a medical backing of their condition. The larger percentage however cannot control their eating habits.


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For instance, have you ever seen an obese person in a restaurant eating excessively and drinking a diet soda? They are made to believe that the diet soda will eradicate all the calories and fats, but there is more to that. Here are a few suggestions that you should put into action immediately before you lose it to obesity.


  1. Put an end to the consumption of fatty foods-French fries, potato chips etc. Note that before you win this battle, you have to first admit you have a problem and the fatty foods are among the major problems you have. If it’s a must you eat something, get yourself fresh wordpress fruits and veggies. These contain all the nutrients your body requires and what is more, they’re known to burn more calories.
  2. Your next step of action should be to seek medical advice. If you weigh anything above 50 pounds, no one should recommend a diet plan apart from your physician. In addition to advising you on the right dietary plan, your physician will also guide you on the best programs to kick-start you. Seeking medical advice can never be overemphasized.
  3. When the worst comes to the worst, you might want to seek counseling services as there maybe some deeply rooted unintentional reasons behind your eating disorder. Counseling services will help you know the reasons behind your eating disorder hence be well equipped to tackle them as they come. If you will not afford professional counseling services, talking to a trusted friend or a religious leader will suffice. Even though a religious leader or your friend will not be in a position to diagnose exactly what it is you’re suffering from, they will always be there for you when you meet hurdles in your recovery process.




In wrapping up, the fight against obesity is a battle that can be won through discipline and effective prevention. You ought to form new eating habits and exercise regularly. The choice however lies entirely on you, whether you’ll lead a tired, miserable life because you’re fat or you’ll take the necessary actions by eating healthily.




Nadine Hancock is a health and fitness instructor, the co-founder of