What is a Surf Camp All About?

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One of the most praised methods of learning to surf is attending a surf camp. Thousands of children and adults try out surf camps each year in the hopes of becoming expert surfers.

Malibu surf lessons are great for learning to surf if you are good at learning with a group of people. Some camps even provide short private lessons as well. Some camps last a few days while others last a couple weeks. The cost of admission usually covers use of equipment and apparel. These camps always take place on beaches with waves great for beginners.


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When you are looking for a Los Angeles surf camp, ensure the instructors are certified with CPR and First Aid. You want to be in good hands when you are in the ocean, which can be dangerous. The camp instructors should be experienced surfers, preferably with years of instruction behind them. Read online reviews to make sure that you are making the right choice. is defintely worth the time to check out.

Each surf camp or lesson will focus on some of the same key points. The best Malibu surf lessons will focus on safety issues. These lessons will also teach you how to view the ocean the way a surfer does. You will learn to analyze the waves and how to determine which waves are ideal for surfing.

You will also learn how to balance on the board and how to move your body in time with the water. Part of the lessons is building stamina.

Surfing lessons are not the only component of surf camp for kids. If your child is ask to go to a Los Angeles surf camp, consider the other benefits. Surfing is a great way to stay fit and physically active. It can also be a great way for your child to make new friends. Some programs are after school and others are all day in the summer.

These camps may also focus on other activities, including volleyball, watching movies, looking at tide pools and eating good food. Children will just enjoy being able to spend time at the ocean. Some camps will even take you to Costa Rica and other destinations you have never even considered.


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